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Welcome to our website!

We are a well established firm that has been active in the industry for over twentyfive years. Our goal has always been to be as versatile and flexible as possible, which is a trait that has led us to specialise in a number of different niches.


  • Rolling stock

  • Spare parts for diesel engines in marine and industry


Oksnes Services & Motordeler AS has its offices and warehouse in Ålesund, Norway. We stock engine parts for MAN, Mercedes-Benz and MTU as well as BOSCH nozzles and nozzle tips. In recent years we have worked hard to develop new and better solutions – a process which has been both exceptionally enriching and exciting. We hope this website will provide knowledge about our products and facilitate contact with our employees, and we look forward to your response and active use of the site. We welcome all feedback and comments about our website via e-mail.

Supplier of parts to the Norwegian Railway Operators:

VY, Mantena, Cargonet, Baneservice, Stadler and Euromaint

Original spare parts for diesel engines used in marine and industry: Mercedes, MAN and Scania

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