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What are cookies?
Today, cookies are used on virtually all websites, and in many cases, cookies can be necessary to provide services on the website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user’s electronic device (PC, tablet, smartphone), so that the device can be recognised. Cookies are used to compile statistics on how customers use the website and to optimise the content on the page. A cookie is a passive file and can therefore not collect information from the user’s computer, spread computer viruses or other malicious programs. Some cookies are created by other domains (so-called third parties) than the one that is shown in the web browser’s address bar (URL). This can be in the form of normal content, but it can also be an analysis tool or an integrated comment section, for example. This means that cookies are stored by parties other than the owner of the website. Some cookies are only stored on your electronic device while you have your browser open (session cookies). Other cookies are stored on your electronic device over a longer period (persistent cookies). When you revisit a website, the cookie is normally updated.
Cookies on
At we use cookies to look at how our website is used, as well as targeting marketing content to our users. The information in these statistics is anonymous and cannot be traced back to named users.
We use the following types of cookies at
Two session cookies which distinguish users from each other. These expire when you close the browser. Four persistent cookies with the purpose of compiling statistics about when the user has visited the website, as well as information about which websites users usually come from and continue to, and also to save any items in the shopping basket. This information is saved for a period of between 30 minutes and 2 years.
How to remove/avoid cookies:
How you delete cookies or stop them from being stored on your electronic device is dependent on your internet browser.
Why are we informing you about cookies?
All Norwegian websites are obligated to inform users about which cookies are stored on their electronic devices. This information is in accordance with the Norwegian Electronic Communications Act (Act of 4 July 2003 No. 83 relating to electronic communications, amended) Section 2-7 b. Use of cookies.



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